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Cinzi Lavin



                                                        PRESENTS. . .

Cinzi Lavin Presents . . . premiered in July 2013 on the Hull, Massachusetts Community Television Station (HCTV).

This groundbreaking show broadcasts arts performances from the greater Boston area concerning topics of social relevance. Each show is prefaced by an interview with the performers.

"I truly believe in the impact of this show," says Lavin, its producer and host. "The arts are such a powerful way of helping people to deal with trauma and pain. Theatre, in particular, creates an extremely cathartic effect. I hope audiences will tune in for these outstanding performances."

Peter Seitz, Program Director of HCTV, says that the show deals with "much more serious subjects than most local access stations are willing to address" and has been unfailingly supportive in broadcasting it, according to Lavin. As for the technical aspects,  Lavin praises the show's crew for their "shining professionalism and outstanding commitment to making great TV happen."

Cinzi Lavin Presents . . . airs on HCTV on Comcast Channel 9 (Verizon Channel 35). Check local listings for details.


Episode 1: Michael Mack performs Conversations with My Molester: A Journey In Faith.

This one-man show created by nationally acclaimed performer Michael Mack explores his childhood experience of sexual abuse and focuses on healing and reconciliation.

First performed in 2012, Conversations addresses Mack’s abuse by his parish priest, his struggle with disturbing questions about spirituality and sexuality, and ultimately, the strange turn of events that landed him on his molester’s doorstep in 2008.

Filmed at the Paulist Center in Boston, a Catholic faith community that focuses on reconciliation and social justice.


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