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January 10, 2018 - Cinzi Lavin testifies before a Massachusetts state legislative committee in Boston in support of a bill she has proposed to create the position of a Musician Laureate of the Commonwealth.

"I think this is an important step in raising the status and esteem of musicians in this state," she says.

The honorary role of the Musician Laureate would be to advise the governor on music for ceremonies and celebrations, perhaps composing or performing, and promoting the importance of music in Massachusetts.

During her remarks, Lavin cited musicians who were fundamental in causing social change in America.

"Marion Anderson, the African-American opera singer who was denied permission to sing at Constitution Hall by the Daughters of the American Revolution because of her race, went on to perform on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and opened the doors for musicians and all artists of color in this country," she said. As another example, she cited Woodie Guthrie. "With his folk songs, he articulated the pain of those ravaged by the Dust Bowl and was a powerful force for social justice."

According to Lavin, the Musician Laureate position would create a positive impact on residents of the Commonwealth and highlight some of the state's most exceptional musical artists. "There are so many incredible musicians in Massachusetts," says Lavin. "I'm sure the wealth of talent--people who make music in all genres and who come from all spheres of experience--will enrich our cultural heritage."

Lavin has been supported in her endeavor by Senator Patrick O'Connor, who has seen the bill through much of its six-year-long journey through the state government, and by Representative Joan Meschino, both of whom spoke eloquently in support of the Musician Laureate bill. From here, the political process involves more voting on Beacon Hill, but Lavin remains hopeful.

She says, "Music is a great unifier; it brings people together, heals, and inspires. I believe this bill is going to be something upon which everyone can agree and from which everyone will benefit."


November 1, 2017 - A new musical drama by Cinzi Lavin is currently in the works. 

After the resounding success of the "Nantasket Trilogy" of productions honoring her adopted hometown of Hull, Massachusetts, the composer embarked on an extended period of research which has culminated in a long-anticipated work of larger magnitude.

"This is a biographical musical, so there was a lot of studying to do," says Lavin. While she is yet to reveal the subject, she says it is about an artist of international scale. "This person was not fully recognized in their time for a variety of reasons." 

The concept took shape, says lavin, after she read about the individual in a brief article in 2011. "It was a very powerful story, and I was moved;it immediately inspired me," she says. "I hope it will have the same effect on audiences."

According to Lavin, the production will include live acrobatics and video clips. "It's going to be an entertaining show in a highly visual way, which is new ground for me, being an auditory person. It was fun thinking of how the show would look as well as how it would sound."

Lavin's research yielded information to be used on a subsequent musical (also biographical), and she says she is in the final stages of writing the book, with the score having already been completed. 

The production is expected to be released in early 2018.



February 23, 2015 - Taking "down-time" isn't something often associated with Cinzi Lavin, but the busy composer has been doing just that in recent months. 

"The creativity never goes away," she says, "But sometimes there is 'behind the scenes' work to be done."

In fact, Lavin has been as busy as ever doing research for her next two musical dramas. 

"I like to call it the 'R&D' stage of a production," she jokes. 

According to Lavin, her extensive study, which will aid in writing the books for the two shows, has been extremely interesting and she has enlisted the aid of a top scholar who will oversee one of the scripts for historical accuracy. "It's very important to me not to distort or misrepresent my subjects," she says. "Sometimes, as in the case of one of the musicals I'm researching, I discover that I don't particularly like the truth, but it's my task to tell it," she adds, saying "And quite honestly, the truth always winds up being much more fascinating than anything I could invent."

Lavin's research hiatus will continue for the near future, although she expects to return to composing by 2017.


September  9, 2014 -  In an ongoing expansion of musical styles, Cinzi Lavin is undertaking a new challenge, setting to music the poems and prayers of great Indian  spiritual masters, including  Swami Paramananda and Swami Vivekananda. 

"I even learned some basics on the harmonium," says Lavin. "It's a lovely instrument," she adds, "Very meditative and relaxing. No wonder it's used for spiritual music."

Plans are underway to record and release the titles already completed. "These songs are sure to be appreciated by anyone who enjoys being elevated to a higher consciousness through music."


Cinzi Lavin



                                                   PRESENTS. . .

July 15, 2013 - Season One of "Cinzi Lavin Presents . . ." premieres with the debut broadcast of nationally acclaimed performer Michael Mack's presentation of Conversations with My Molester: A Journey In Faith.

This groundbreaking new program broadcasts arts performances from the greater Boston area concerning topics of social relevance.

"This is the first time Michael Mack has ever allowed the taping and broadcasting of one of his performances, so it’s a great honor and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to the citizens of Hull," says Lavin, the show's producer and host.

First performed in 2012, Lavin says Conversations addresses Mack’s abuse by his parish priest, his struggle with disturbing questions about spirituality and sexuality, and ultimately, the strange turn of events that landed him on his molester’s doorstep in 2008.

According to Lavin, the performance that will air on Hull TV was filmed at the Paulist Center in Boston, a Catholic faith community that focuses on reconciliation and social justice. During the show’s run, Mack's story made the front page of the New York Times national news section, says Lavin. The performance is prefaced by a personal interview with Mack.

"His show is pure magic," says Lavin. "Michael Mack has turned tragedy into something amazing, transformative, strong, and healing. I hope our audience will be as moved and inspired by his story as I have been."

NEW SINGLE: "Stereo Blindness"


June 24, 2012 - Cinzi Lavin releases a new single, "Stereo Blindness." Featuring Boston guitarist Bill Bracken, the song was inspired by a Rembrandt painting, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

"I was moved to tears the first time I saw it," says Lavin. "It's an incredibly powerful visual image--a true masterpiece."

The painting is based upon the Biblical story of Jesus and his twelve disciples in a fishing boat when a sudden storm arose, causing the disciples to panic; Jesus calmed the waves after telling the disciples that they should have no fear, but rather, faith.

"Rembrandt painted himself into the picture. He's the only figure who is looking directly at the viewer. I thought that was an interesting touch," says Lavin.

Also interesting to Lavin was the discovery, during her research about the painting, that Rembrandt was thought to be stereo blind--a condition which rendered him unable to see the world three-dimensionally.

"I thought a lot of parallels could be drawn between someone who has no depth perception visually and one who has no emotional depth perception," says Lavin.

Rembrandt's only seascape, the painting was stolen from the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

"This song is also my personal appeal to whoever has the painting," explains Lavin. "I hope they will return it. So many people need to see this beautiful work." Lavin says she believes she herself will see it someday.

As for her collaborator, Bill Bracken, Lavin says, "Bill is an absolute delight to work with. He very kindly revisited his acoustic roots for me in crafting a lovely guitar solo." A Billboard Magazine chart-topper, Bracken has recorded with Gary Cherone and boasts an impressive live performance history, according to Lavin. Bracken's enthusiasm and unconstrained creativity were brought into play in an eerie effect he created during the taping session by strumming the strings on the guitar's headstock, says Lavin.

"It's a fantastically haunting sound," she says. "It's the perfect touch for this song."

The single will be featured on her upcoming album, The Miscellanea Project.

"Stereo Blindness" can also be downloaded by clicking the "Online Store" tab above or by visiting iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other major online music retailers.


 New Single: "Broken-Down Blues Man"

September 24, 2011 - Cinzi Lavin releases an R&B single, "Broken-Down Blues Man." Sung by the incomparable
Tom Downing and featuring Brian Girard on string bass and drums, the trio left the studio knowing they had created something wonderful.

"I first heard Tom a few years ago at the Foundation Room in Boston's House of Blues. He has such soul--I knew he would be the perfect voice for this song," said Lavin.

Brian Girard made an outstanding contribution to the recording with both percussion and bass, while Lavin played piano and Rhodes.

"Brian's exceptionally intuitive; he knew just the kind of sound I was looking for. Working with him was very easy," says Lavin. "He was really feeling it. We played off each other so well. You can hear it in the song."

As a first venture into composing R&B, Lavin says she is thoroughly pleased. "Tom Downing is the kind of singer who gives you everything he's got. He totally opened it up on this one. It just doesn't get any better than that."

The trio subsequently formed a band called Brick, Rivet & Lime, and their website can be found by clicking here

"Broken-Down Blues Man" can be downloaded by clicking the "Online Store" tab above or by visiting iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody, emusic, and other major online music retailers.

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"The Cinzi Lavin Show" To Be Televised Statewide 

September 9, 2011 - Season One of "The Cinzi Lavin Show" will be broadcast throughout Massachusetts starting this fall.

"It's thrilling news," says Lavin, producer of the weekly TV talk show on Hull TV (HCTV) in which she interviews musicians from the greater Boston area.

"I'm so proud that so many stations are saying, 'We want to offer this show to our viewers--this is quality entertainment.'"

With the support of what Lavin describes as an "absolutely outstanding" crew and under the direction of HCTV Executive Director Peter Seitz, Lavin hosted the show's first season, studded with many musical celebrities.

"Dan Kenney, who used to play keyboards for Britney Spears, was a terrific guest," says Lavin. "He played one of his original songs and brought along [Boston vocalist] Concetta to sing it. It was great."

Lavin also says she had the pleasure of interviewing the Oladipo Sisters, who were the subject of a national NPR broadcast and appeared with the Boston Pops.

Lavin continues, "Stephen Martin and The Snake [of the 60s band Orpheus] were wonderful guests, and such incredible icons in music history."

From Salem to the Berkshires, "The Cinzi Lavin Show" will be reaching across the state to a vastly expanded audience. Meanwhile, Lavin is busy at work producing what promises to be an even more sensational second season.

"I can't wait to interview the lineup of guests I've invited this fall," says Lavin. "The second season is really going to shine!"


THE CINZI LAVIN SHOW   *   THE CINZI LAVIN SHOW   *   THE CINZI LAVIN SHOW*        *        *        *        *        *        *



July 31, 2011 - Cinzi Lavin will be a featured entertainer at the August 12th benefit for the Paragon Carousel. Held at the magnificent Nantasket Beach Resort, the spectacular gala event will be the highlight charity fundraiser of the season and will aid the restoration of the carousel, the last remaining ride from Hull's famed amusement attraction, Paragon Park.

"I was so excited when Dennis Zaia [president of Friends of Paragon Carousel] invited me to be a part of this," says Lavin. "He has worked tirelessly to promote and preserve the carousel and has been an avid supporter of my new musical about Paragon Park. I admire him immensely and there isn't anything I wouldn't have done to support him on his big night."

Lavin will be entertaining visitors in the Cabaret Room, along with performers such as the
James Montgomery Blues Band. Guests will have the opportunity to hear her sing songs from her latest musical about Paragon Park, Where the Fun Begins.

"This is definitely not an event to be missed," says Lavin. "It's going to be an absolutely spectacular evening." 

For further information, visit The Ultimate Nantasket Experience: A Benefit for the Paragon Carousel 

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New Album Selected for Inclusion in the Library of Congress "Song of America" Project

May 27, 2011 - Cinzi Lavin's new album, "Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster" has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Library of Congress "Song of America" database. This national music archive, created in collaboration with world-renowned baritone Thomas Hampson, chronicles classic American songs written by the nation's most oustanding composers. "Dreamer" will be featured in the Stephen Foster collection, where both scholars and enthusiasts of American music can hear selections from the album, which features vocalist Jennifer Love.

The Stephen Foster page in the "Song of America" database can be accessed here:

In honor of Memorial Day, a special YouTube video for "Was My Brother In the Battle?" has been created by Jennifer Love and can be viewed here:




May 5, 2011 - Announcing auditons for Where The Fun Begins, an original full-length musical by award-winning composer Cinzi Lavin. The musical will premiere in July and is being undertaken by the Hull Performing Arts with a generous grant from the Hull Cultural Council.

Auditions will be held May 15 and 16 at 7PM at the Weir River Estuary Center, located at 333 George Washington Boulevard in Hull, Massachusetts.

Singing and non-singing roles are open for adults and children ages 8 and up. Auditioners need not prepare a monologue or song but should come prepared to do cold readings from the script and to sing music provided for them.

"This is the final installment in the 'Nantasket Trilogy' and I'm very excited about it," says Lavin, whose production will complete her longstanding project of writing three musicals about Hull, Massachusetts. Her first musical, On This River, concerned Hull's Weir River Estuary, a state-designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). Her subsequent musical, Toilers of the Sea: The Life of Joshua James, was a biographical work about Hull's most famous resident, Joshua James, who is known as the father of the U.S. Coast Guard and whose life is memorialized at the Hull Lifesaving Museum.

"I encourage anyone interested in joining this production to participate," says Lavin. "Our auditions are low-stress and low-pressure, and our shows are an absolute blast. You'll meet a lot of interesting and talented people and have a wonderful time."

Lavin continues, "I especially encourage anyone who's always had a dream of being involved in a theatrical production but was too intimidated or lacked the self-confidence to give it a shot. We create an atmosphere that is 100% supportive and brings out the best in everyone." She explains that some of the actors who won lead roles in past productions had little or no former stage experience and yet won standing ovations for their talent.

"If you feel a sense of excitement about the show, then come to the auditions," says Lavin. "Theatre is magic, and that's what we're doing--making magic. That feeling, that excitement, means you have some magic in you to offer, so come join us." 

Of the show itself, Lavin says it will be a dazzling spectacle to finish off the trilogy.

"It's going to be a tremendously fun show, filled with laughs, drama, and an incredible score," she says. Twelve original songs spanning the decades from the 1900s to the 1980s will bring the fascinating story of Paragon Park alive.

"This is such a great time to be doing this musical," says Lavin. "It's ultimately a story about hope, and I think it will resonate with a lot of people. I'm so proud to be offering this show to audiences who've become fans of my work and so grateful to the Hull Performing Arts and the Hull Cultural Council."

For further information about auditions, please visit or call 781/925.2406.



APRIL 1, 2011 - The Hull Cultural Council has offered a generous grant for the production of Lavin's new musical, Where the Fun Begins. The show is about Paragon Park, the famed amusement park in Hull, Massachusetts.

"I'm truly grateful for this," says Lavin, who is excited to present the third musical drama in what locals have begun to call the "Nantasket Trilogy." The triology includes her first musical, On This River, about Hull's Weir River Estuary, and her second musical Toilers of the Sea: The Life of Joshua James, which chronicles the life of the father of the U.S. Coast Guard, a native of Hull.

Pre-production for Where the Fun Begins is currently underway. The show premieres in July. 

* * * * *  




 February 21, 2011 - Cinzi Lavin and vocalist Jennifer Love release "Dreamer," a CD of songs by American composer Stephen Foster. Love, who has family ties to Foster, did extensive artistic interpretation of the album's 11 songs, many of which have never before been recorded. Modern musical arrangements were created by Lavin to give new life to Foster's classic works.

Says Lavin, "We are both very excited about this album and thrilled at the positive reception it has received so far." The duo performed selections from the album at the White House by special invitation in December 2010.

"Dreamer" is available for individual song or album download and CD purchase at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, emusicand by clicking the "Online Store" link above. 

* * * * *



December 3, 2010 - Cinzi Lavin and vocalist Jennifer Love kicked off the holiday season festivities at the White House with a performance by invitation. They presented songs from "Dreamer," their upcoming album of American composer Stephen Foster's music.

"I believe strongly in Stephen Foster's often under-rated significance as an American composer and am very eager to share our rendition of his music as a tribute to his genius and to the America about which he so lovingly and movingly wrote," said Lavin.

 "Dreamer," which will be available in December, showcases many of Foster's lesser-known works, some of which will be recorded for the first time. "While the musical settings of his era were often unflattering to his work, his melodies and lyrics are absolutely fresh," says Lavin, adding, "I'm amazed by how relevant his observations about America still are." Foster's songs, says Lavin, touch upon economic hardship, war, bereavement, and troubled relationships. "He also writes beautifully about spirituality, sentimentality, love, and the kind of transcendent peace only someone with a soul as gentle and noble as Foster's could describe with music."

While Lavin arranged and provided piano accompaniment for the album (along with backup vocals), singer Jennifer Love breathed new life into Foster's songs with her stirring interpretations. Love, a Pittsburgh native with family ties to Foster, is an outstanding performer and recording artist. Her sound has been described as "torn and suffering, but beautiful." "I love what she has done with Foster's songs," says Lavin. "She brings so much emotion and energy to a piece--she makes the composer's message so compelling. It really touches your heart."

Selections performed at the White House by Lavin and Love included "Beautiful Dreamer," "My Old Kentucky Home," "Was My Brother In the Battle?" and "Ring, Ring the Banjo." They also featured several holiday-themed selections during their two-hour performance, such as "We Are Lights" (a Hanukkah song by Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz), and the traditional favorite "Ma'os Tzur" as well as Christmas standards "O Holy Night" and "What Child is This?" In addition, Lavin performed "The Oneness of Everything" by fellow Massachusetts composer Jim Scott as well as her own composition, "Underneath a Hullonian Sky," to honor her hometown of Hull, which named the work "Official Song of Hull, Massachusetts" in 2009. 

"It was a very exciting event and we were both overjoyed to have been invited," says Lavin, who, along with Love, had a photo op with Bo, the First Family’s canine companion. The audience was composed of guests of the White House who were touring by special invitation. Lavin and Love were one of only 30 acts featured during the month of December. The piano used for the performance, a 1938 Steinway on which Stevie Wonder recently performed during a White House visit, was “a magnificent instrument,” according to Lavin.

“Knowing I was playing on the same piano used by Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Duke Ellington was a real thrill,” said Lavin.

Lavin and Love performed on the afternoon of December 3rd in the Grand Foyer of the White House. Lavin wore a gown fashioned for the occasion by Boston South Shore designer Sara Brenton.

* * * * *  


Sterling Review of Toilers of the Sea

August 5, 2010 - Judeth Van Hamm, an expert of the life of Joshua James, gives Toilers of the Sea, the musical based on his life, an outstanding review. Playing to packed houses with performers enjoying standing ovations, the show's run was a resounding success.


"Cinzi Lavin has a knack for capturing the essence of the most meaningful issues and events of Joshua James’ life. You will laugh, fall in love, and come to tears with this musical."


The review, which praised the cast and director, also focused on the historical/educational value of the production, as audiences learned about the life of James as well as that of his friend and neighbor, John Boyle O'Reilly, famed Irish patriot and poet.

* * * * *

Ancient Keeper of U.S. Coast Guard Performs

 Cameo Role in

 Toilers of the Sea!

Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Guthlein, Ancient Keeper of the U.S. Coast Guard, performed a cameo role in the July 30th performance of Toilers of the Sea: The Life of Joshua James. Guthlein, who hails from Rhode Island, portrayed a ship's helmsman in the show's first act. The performance took place at Hull's Fort Revere Amphitheatre, overlooking the seas once patrolled by James and his lifesaving crew. 

"The cast and I were very excited about meeting Chief Warrant Officer Guthlein and are extremely honored to have had him perform with us," said Lavin, who dedicated Toilers of the Sea "to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard, Reserve, and Auxiliary, who risk their lives to save others." 


TOILERS OF THE SEA: The Life of Joshua James Premiers!


The Hull Performing Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council present

 Toilers of the Sea: The Life of Joshua James

 by Cinzi Lavin

A musical about the most highly decorated civilian
lifesaving crew commander in United States history.

Directed by Lindsay Clinton
Musical Director Cinzi Lavin
July 29 and 30 at 8PM
Weir River Estuary Center,
333 George Washington Boulevard, Hull
July 31 and August 7* at 4PM
Fort Revere Amphitheatre, 60 Farina Road, Hull
* * * * * * *




A generous grant has been awarded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to the Hull Performing Arts for its upcoming production of Toilers of the Sea: The Life of Joshua James, Cinzi Lavin's latest musical based on the man known as the world's greatest lifesaver. James, a native of the seaside town of Hull, was the most highly decorated civilian lifesaving crew commander in United States history, having personally saved over 600 individuals as well has having taken part in innumerable rescues at sea. The musical premiers July 2010. 
This marks the second state grant Lavin's work has received, the first awarded in 2009 for her musical On This River, which was also honored with a Massachusetts Cultural Council "Gold Star" Award for outstanding contribution to Massachusetts arts and culture.

  * * * * *



On This River Honored with Massachusetts Cultural Council "Gold Star" Award

March 4, 2010 - Cinzi Lavin and Lindsay Clinton travel to Boston's State House to receive the Massachusetts Cultural Council's "Gold Star" Award and a citation by the state legislature for outstanding contribution to Massachusetts arts and culture with the original full-length musical, On This River. Written by Lavin and directed by Clinton, the show was produced by the Hull Performing Arts to raise funds and awareness for Hull's Weir River Estuary, a state-designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC).

* * * * *   





350 Old Ship Concert: Saturday, October 24th, 2009 - Old Ship Church, Hingham, Massachusetts

Concert by world-renowned folk guitarist Jim ScottOpening with Cinzi Lavin premiering her Weir River Woods song, "Come Back to Life in the Woods."  Tickets sales will put the Chatham Street entrance to the Weir River Woods under Conservation.

* * * * *






June 2009 - By a unanimous vote of the Hull Board of Selectmen, "Underneath a Hullonian Sky," written by Cinzi Lavin, was named the official Town Song of Hull. A popular hit from Lavin's original full-length musical, On This River, "Underneath a Hullonian Sky" has the honor of being one of the very few official Town Songs in the state of Massachusetts. Says Lavin, who moved to Hull in 2007, "When I found out that the proper title for residents of Hull is 'Hullonians,' I couldn't resist using it in a song." 



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