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"Stereo Blindness" (MP3 Single)

$ 0.99 USD

Inspired by a Rembrandt masterpiece, this haunting work speaks to emotional depth-perception.

"Stained in rich tones, grander than any framed vision, things raging within me sing life into sound."

Featuring famed guitarist Bill Bracken, "Stereo Blindness" is a colorful instrumental blend with vocals by composer Cinzi Lavin. 

"But like shades of my soul, the sound dies away and in stillness, my eloquence ends . . . and my heart is silent and blind."


Stereo Blindness (Sample Clip).mp3

"Broken-Down Blues Man" (MP3 Single)

$ 0.99 USD

Featuring the incomparable Tom Downing, "Broken-Down Blues Man" is a hard-driving R&B single burning with soul.

BRIAN GIRARD - String bass, drums
CINZI LAVIN - (Composer) Piano, Rhodes 


Broken-Down Blues Man (Sample Clip).mp3

Cinzi Lavin for Yoga (CD) - AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2013

$ 0 USD

What happens when a composer becomes a yoga teacher? Answer: The new CD, Cinzi Lavin for Yoga!
Enjoy this magnificent collection of transcendent instrumental music during yoga practice, massage therapy, or simply for soothing relaxation. Includes "Spirit of Life," "I'll Ever Return," and "Soli Deo Gloria" (a tribute to J.S. Bach).

PLEASE NOTE: Cinzi Lavin for Yoga will be available September 2013

Price includes shipping & handling to continental US - contact us for international pricing

Dreamer (CD)

$ 17.00 USD

Recording artist Jennifer Love and composer Cinzi Lavin collaborate on this unique collection of American songwriter Stephen Foster's beautiful melodies. Includes never-before recorded songs, such as "Was My Brother In the Battle?"
Says Lavin, "I looked at literally everything Foster ever wrote in choosing these pieces--this is a very special album, and a true homage to Foster's unparalleled artistry as an American composer."

Jennifer Love, a Pittsburgh native with family ties to Foster, sings heart-stirring renditions of his songs which have been set to modern piano arrangements. Her soulful interpretive skills give fresh perspective to Foster's music and lyrics, which are as touching now as then and speak to the very heart of American life.

Price includes shipping & handling to continental US - contact us for international pricing  


My Old Kentucky Home.mp3

Beautiful Dreamer.mp3

Oh! Lemuel!.mp3

Under the Willow She's Sleeping.mp3

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.mp3

Uncle Ned.mp3

Was My Brother In the Battle.mp3

A Penny for Your Thoughts.mp3

Willie, I Have Missed You.mp3

Ring, Ring the Banjo!.mp3

Harmony Chant.mp3

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